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Why Watermark Vacation Rentals?

WatermarkVacationRentals.com is dedicated to connecting vacationers and property owners. We believe that using a vacation rental website should be:

Cost-effective: This is a very inexpensive way to advertise your vacation rental. Membership costs $150 for 12 months. You will never experience any additional, hidden fees with Watermark Vacation Rentals. With one booking, most property owners will recoup these advertising costs!

And we believe it should be...

Easy: It takes only minutes to list your property on WatermarkVacationRentals.com. You will find that updating your listing is even easier. Once your property is listed on our site, your vacation home will gain exposure with major advertisers such as MSN, Google, and Yahoo. You will see your rental revenue increase, while your time spent managing decreases!

How to list your property:

If you are a first-time visitor, you will need to create an account. Enter in details about your vacation property and click "submit". After you submit your property, you will be able to come back at any time to view or update your property listing(s).

Site Features:

Map Search feature - A map of the world will greet you on our home page. Simply click on your desired location to view the available properties. Undecided? Feel free to explore our world to find your perfect destination!

Detailed Search - For those that know exactly what they are looking for, use the detailed search. By entering filter information (i.e. number of bedrooms, baths, specific amenities, accessibility, etc), you can save yourself time. Our search results will list only the properties that meet your needs.

Favorites - Have you found a perfect vacation home? Users may list properties in a Favorites file, so they can easily access their favorite vacation rentals.

Potential Renters - Contact the owners directly and have all of your questions answered by the experts! Watermark Vacation Rentals has set up an email system for potential renters to contact property owners directly.

Property Owners - Spend less time managing your property, but gain all of the flexibility of a personal website. Watermark Vacation Rentals allows you to include additional website links, insert 3rd party calendars, and upload unlimited pictures. New listings are also featured within the New Property Listings section on the front page!

As a property owner, you can also keep track of how many people have viewed your property (daily, monthly, yearly, and since listed) and how many inquiries have been made.

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