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Renter Frequently Asked Questions

Renter FAQ's

Why would I choose a vacation rental home over a hotel?
Vacation rentals on average are more cost effective than hotels and provide the vacationer with more space, amenities, and privacy than a hotel can offer.

How do I contact the owner?
Once you have clicked on the listing that interests you, you will see a red contact owner button. This will allow you to email the vacation property owner/manager. Some listings may also contain a contact reference and/or phone number. However you choose to communicate, the listing enables you to contact the property owner/manager who best knows the property and can answer your questions in detail.

Where can I find out information regarding check-in/out times, pets, etc.?
Under each listing is a section labeled policies. The property owner/manager may list this information here or may require you to contact them for that information. Regardless, all policy information should be covered in a rental contract should you decide to rent the vacation home.

How can I ensure listings are legitimate?
Watermark Vacation Rentals wants to ensure vacationers have a great experience. Management reviews each listing for unusual content prior to it being posted on our site. Also, properties listed with Watermark Vacation Rentals are private homes, so both owners and renters benefit from the upkeep and detailed descriptions in the listings. However, Watermark Vacation Rentals recommends that any interested parties speak in detail with the owner and/or management before paying any deposit. After speaking to the owner/management, it is wise to perform additional research before renting any vacation home, such as getting the address and trying to confirm the information given within the listing and feedback received from the owner/management. If at all possible, we also recommend that you visit the property in advance.

How does Watermark Vacation Rentals define a vacation 'home'?
A vacation home is any dwelling place a traveler may want to rent for vacation including but not limited to houses, condos, villas, cottages, etc.

How can I file a complaint about a property and/or owner?
Watermark Vacation Rentals reserves the right to remove or not remove a listing based on the legitimacy and severity of the complaint. Please contact us if you have a complaint.

Does Watermark Vacation Rentals handle the booking of rentals?
No. Watermark Vacation Rentals provides a site for property owners/managers and renters to connect. We provide contact information for each listing, so you book your vacation directly with the property owner or manager.

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