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Using This Site

Create an Account

To begin advertising a vacation rental with Watermark Vacation Rentals, the property owner/manager first will need to create an account. Click on the "register" link to create a new account and fill in the required fields. At this point, the property owner will also be asked to create a username (valid email address) and password. This will be used to access a personal owner homepage to add/manage listing(s).

Owner Homepage

  1. After creating an account, the property owner will automatically be signed on to a personal owner homepage. This owner homepage will be used to manage current listings and/or add new listings. To add a new listing, click on the link "add a new Watermark Vacation Rentals listing".

  2. Fill out as much information for the property as possible on each of the five tabs. This may be done all at once or a little at a time. If time is of concern, simply click "save" on the pages completed or partially complete, and Watermark Vacation Rentals will save the information. At any time, the property owner may log back on to the owner homepage to complete the listing. We will not publish any listing until the property owner has clicked "submit listing" on the owner homepage. The five tabs will cover the following information:


    This tab enables the property owner to give general information regarding a property. First, create a property title. This is very important, as it is the first line people will read. Make the property title eye-catching and inviting to lure in possible renters! Next, give information regarding the property's location (Watermark Vacation Rentals will need the property address for verification purposes, however, only the city will be published on the actual listing), summary details, contact information, property and area descriptions, and location type.


    Check all the various amenities and activities the vacation home offers. This tab also gives the option of listing the number of bed sizes available. Let potential renters know about various activities available to them by listing the proximity of activities to the vacation home. If unsure, a mapping site such as MapQuest, MSN, Google, etc. may be a helpful tool.


    This tab will have two columns - "Upload a new main image" and "Upload a new gallery image".

    First, select the main image. This is the first image people will see, so pick one photo that best sells the property to potential renters. Upload this picture under "main image".

    Next, upload gallery pictures. Property owners may upload an unlimited number of pictures to be displayed in the gallery. Pictures say a thousand words - use multiple pictures to showcase the vacation home. Property owners may also add captions that will appear under each photo.

    *Photos need to be uploaded one at a time. The maximum size for each photo is 1 MB.


    For many potential renters, cost is a factor in deciding where to stay. Property owners can use this tab to list rates for an entire year. By clicking on "add new season", the property owner may add as many different rate periods as necessary. In addition, rates can be given per month, per week, and/or per day. In this section, minimum stay requirements can be listed as well as any information regarding additional charges renters may incur and/or promotions being offered.

    Give potential renters as much information as possible, so time spent is in dealing only with serious renters and not those just browsing. Under availability, list the URL to an availability calendar, and Watermark Vacation Rentals will display a link on the listing. Rentors.org is a good resource for property owners to create an availability calendar.


    Use this space to inform potential renters of available payment options in addition to any policies that may affect one's stay, such as a cancellation policy, required deposits, explanation of extra fees, check-in/out times, etc. If the vacation home is part of a community, the "other policies" section of this page is a great place to list any policies the community has that could impact renters.

  3. Once all five tabs are completed, go to the owner homepage by clicking on the "owner homepage" link in the left-hand column. This is the property owner's personal homepage to manage listings. Before submitting a listing to be published, Watermark Vacation Rentals gives property owners an opportunity to preview the listing. By clicking on "preview", we will display exactly how the listing will appear once published.

  4. After previewing the listing, the property owner may already have a list of changes to be made. If so, go back to the owner homepage and click on "edit". This will bring the property owner back to the five tabs previously completed. Click on the necessary tab(s) to alter and/or add information.

  5. Once satisfied with the listing, go back to the owner homepage, and click on the yellow "submit listing" button. The listing has now been submitted to Watermark Vacation Rentals. Watermark Vacation Rentals management will review the listing and publish it on our site. To find out the status of a listing, log on to the owner homepage. Under the listing, one of the following status remarks will be displayed:

    Ready to be SubmittedThe property owner has created a listing but has not submitted it. The user needs to click on the "submit listing" button if ready to submit for publishing.
    Pending ApprovalThe listing has been submitted but must be approved by Watermark Vacation Rentals management.
    ActiveThe listing was approved and is on the site!

Manage Current Listings

Once an account has been created with Watermark Vacation Rentals, property owners may return to the owner homepage to manage current listings and/or add new listings as necessary. Property owners need only one account for all listings. If at any time a property owner wants to delete a listing, click on "delete" under the desired listing, and we will remove the property from Watermark Vacation Rentals.

In addition to editing a listing, Watermark Vacation Rentals provides tools to help the property owner manage current listings. From the owner homepage, property owners can view inquiries made on a property as well as details regarding the inquiry, receive up-to-date data on the amount of traffic the listing has generated from our site by citing the number of hits for the day, month, year, and time since listed, as well as use a URL given to the property owner to share with friends, family, coworkers, and/or include on other sites.

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